About Me



Hello! My name is Alex. I am in my early 20s and I live in the Emerald City (Seattle, not Oz). I am a dual citizen with the US & the UK and I travel a lot. My hobbies include: painfully obsessing over my Instagram, drinking excessive amounts of coke zero, booking flights, learning Mandarin & Polish (on occasion), pretending I understand art more than I do and fashion.

Also, the only people who call me Alexandra are Uber drivers – Alex is prefered.



I decided to start a blog as a creative outlet for myself. Here, you can expect to find an abundance of fashion, travel and lifestyle posts.

I know there are already thousands of blogs out there but I couldn’t resist making one of my own. The purpose of this blog is to provide me with a space to share my life and interests with anyone who is interested. I hope you enjoy it!


Instagram – @AlexRees

Twitter –  @AlexReesBlog

Email – info@alexandrarees.blog