OOTD: La Vie en Rose


Top / Wilfred @ Aritzia

This top is without a doubt my favourite piece in the entire ensemble. I prefer lace patterns to be smaller and intricate – something which I don’t normally see. It’s soft and tight-fitting, however, this means that if you want to wear a bra, it’s going to be a bit uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the lace doesn’t cover your nipples or give you any support, so you don’t really have a choice. Having said that, because it’s so tight, it’s actually very warm. The lace also makes it breathable. So, really, I suppose it balances it out and it’s not as impractical to wear as it may initially seem.

Skirt / ASOS

I don’t really have a strong opinion on scallop hem lines. I believe they were a major trend a few seasons ago so, assuming they would quickly go out of style, I avoided buying them. I bought this skirt because I wanted another pastel pink skirt but with detail. I have no regrets… ….Okay, I have one regret. This skirt cannot be ironed successfully. It is incredibly frustrating to transport because it creases far too easily. Also, as a short person, it is annoying that it sits slightly below my waist. I prefer to wear skirts that hit exactly on my waist not only to accentuate it but to give the illusion that my legs are longer.

BagTed Baker

I have honestly spent too much of my life at Heathrow Terminal 3. I know it like the back of my hand. Thankfully, it’s a brilliant terminal. There was a dark period where they closed Yo Sushi for many, many months but, as Taylor Swift would say, we are out of the woods. Anyway, there is so much more to T3 than Yo Sushi. Yes, there is also a Ted Baker store. Great life advice here: If you’re ever pondering buying something over £50 and, coincidentally, have a flight out of Heathrow approaching, I would strongly suggest checking if your terminal stocks it. If you scan your Heathrow Rewards card, you can earn points which can then be turned into parking & shopping vouchers as well as air miles. I wouldn’t normally spontaneously buy something so expensive but I feel like it was an investment. A good quality bag can really improve the overall look of an outfit. The only downside of this particular style is that it lacks a zip. As someone who travels frequently, I often leave this bag behind out of fear that I could be easily pick-pocketed without realising.

Shoes / Jimmy Choo

Initially, I was going to write about how these shoes were an investment. I bought them a year ago with my final pay check from my part-time job. Up until the other day, I had no regrets. Then, as I was putting them on to go on a date, I realised the heel is damaged. It goes to show that luxury items aren’t immune to failure. I am not entirely sure where I go from here because I bought them from Net-a-Porter so I am not certain that my local Jimmy Choo will be able to repair them for me. Anyway, ignoring the damaged heel, these are still my favourite pair of shoes. The fact that they are pointed, patent and nude means they make any outfit look 10x more sophisticated. For that very reason, you will see this pair in most of my outfit photos. If you don’t have the means to splash the cash on a designer pair, I would really recommend looking at Aldo, Nine West, Kurt Geiger or any other high-end high-street retailer. Nude shoes are the way forward end-of.


Would I wear this outfit everyday? Probably not.  Mainly because this is Seattle and no one dresses like this. NO ONE. If you’ve been here, you’ll know what I mean. I would stand out like a sore thumb. Having said that, I could probably pull it off in London. At the moment, I am quite vocal about how much I despise having short hair. Most days, I wear it in a bun so I’ll probably avoid this look because I would end up looking like a ballet teacher. Not that there is anything wrong with that but is definitely not the look I am going for. I love these pieces individually and I do think they look great together, however, for a day-to-day look, I would probably wear them with other pieces only so I  look less like Elle Woods.


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I despise having short hair, it looks horrible








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